Rekomendacje dostarcza
  • Colloids


  • they are safe, non-invasive, non-toxic,
  • are very well absorbed by the body,
  • are quickly absorbed by the skin, mucous membranes, digestive system and hair,
  • they do not cause irritation, burning or drying of the skin,
  • do not cause allergic reactions,
  • do not cause addiction,
  • they are odorless and colorless,
  • they are safe for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women,
  • do not react with drugs supporting their action, § there is no risk of poisoning or overdosing.


SYSTEM EGP® preparations are not drugs. These applications are for informational purposes only, they were obtained from the experience and scientific studies of clinical trials. This information is not intended to act as a substitute for medical advice. The products are intended for external use. For legal reasons, they cannot be used in Poland as dietary supplements and as food products. Their use depends entirely on the buyer's initiative.



    obtained by a physical method, which means that they are referred to as non-ionic, which means that the highly dispersed metallic phase of such colloids does not contain chemically attached negative anionic groups, and silver, copper, gold and platinum itself are not present in the form of a positive cation (method of physical obtaining nanocolloids is completely ecological and waste-free),

    high concentration of silver, copper, gold and platinum nanoparticles, which:

  • have the natural properties of precious metals,
  • they are chemically clean,
  • have an ultra-small diameter: below 0.2 nm (several dozen atoms) - they can be seen only under an electron microscope, they are 10 times smaller than the smallest viruses and about 200 times smaller than the smallest bacteria,
  • have a unique structure: flat, lamellar, monocrystalline with a regular arrangement of atoms, forming a crystal lattice, providing an unrivaled, largest possible active surface, optimal coverage of the welded surface and ease of adhesion to it,
  • are ultra-thin: a few atoms (almost transparent),
  • are characterized by high homogeneity in terms of structure and diameter,
  • they do not accumulate in the body, their excess is excreted, they do not form life-threatening nitrates, nitrites and chlorides, there is no risk of getting silverfish,
  • do not enter into chemical reactions, do not react with organic and inorganic acids, which are typical components present inside the human or animal digestive system,
  • they do not react with light, preparations and surfaces covered with them do not darken under the influence of light, therefore they do not have to be stored in dark bottles, the offered preparations are in plastic, transparent bottles, they will never change their color, which proves their high quality,


  • they are characterized by very high physical and chemical stability, do not undergo sedimentation - do not require shaking before use,
  • efficient, enough for even several months of daily use,
  • are exceptionally effective and long-lasting, effective even after drying,
  • act as an antibiotic, nanoparticles of noble metals penetrate the cell membranes of pathogenic agents, their metabolic processes are blocked, as a result of which pathogens die, they are neutralized within a few, several minutes, they are not able to develop resistance to nanoparticles,
  • nano-scale precious metal particles are much more effective in action and active penetration of the skin compared to preparations or masks based on microparticles of precious metals.



The precious metal colloids of the EGP® SYSTEM meet the highest world standards in terms of effectiveness and physicochemical properties

A significant part of the precious metal colloids available on the market is produced by a chemical method, therefore they are referred to as ionic colloids. Such preparations often contain chemical impurities. Ionic particles easily enter into chemical reactions (they do not contain one electron, and therefore easily combine with other compounds). As a result, their action in the body is short-lived, they quickly transform into ineffective compounds or create poisonous substances. Consuming this type of colloid can lead to poisoning. Silver ionic colloids can build up in the body and cause silvery. Ionic particles also react with light. Under the influence of its action, the ionic colloid quickly turns darker. Therefore, the ionic colloids must be stored in dark bottles. There are also preparations in which the nanoparticles have a spherical (or spherical) structure. The particles in this form neither have as large an active surface as in the case of planar nanoparticles, nor as much adherence to surfaces. The lamellar nanoparticles are much lighter than spherical particles, which are additionally filled with element atoms inside. In addition, spherical nanoparticles are often heterogeneous in diameter and structure, and are easily agglomerated - aggregating into clusters. They also do not have a crystal structure. We warn against using colloids of dubious quality.



Spray on cleansed skin and let dry (rub if necessary).

After applying the preparation, you can use any cosmetics. Creams, lotions, etc. are recommended to be applied before the preparation is completely dry, thus avoiding unnecessary stretching of the skin.

Use prophylactically 1 - 2 times a day.

The products should not be used by people allergic to silver, copper, gold or platinum.