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  • RENE welding protective gloves

RENE welding protective gloves HAND PROTECTION, LEATHER GLOVES, LONG Welding gloves meet the requirements of EN 388 3233X, EN 407 313X4X, EN 12477 A.

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Welding work places high demands on the protective equipment.


An important part of the equipment are gloves that eliminate the risk of burns from sparks or injury with a piece of jagged material.

RENE welding gloves have a practical cut that makes it easy to put on, does not restrict finger movements and at the same time holds the glove in place sufficiently. The extended part of the wrist effectively protects the larger area of ​​the hand. The material of the back of the hand and hand uses cow split leather, which is highly resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion. It creates a sufficiently resistant insulating layer, even against heat radiation or sparks.

The cut and fabric gloves meet the requirements of EN 388 3233X, EN 407 313X4X, EN 12477 A.

Welding gloves can be used not only in craft workshops. They are an important and useful tool for servicing boilers and fireplaces.

Use high-quality protective gloves and prevent unpleasant injuries.

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