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  • Premicanna Passiflora hemp oil 7% (+ melatonin) - Full spectrum (Certified)

Premicanna Passiflora - triple formula for deep and strong sleep.

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This is the first product in our Herbs line to contain CBD oil with the addition of herbs. In this case, it is Passiflora extract and melatonin.
Each bottle contains:
  • oil with a CBD concentration of 7% -CBD contained in the hemp extract significantly reduces cortisol, increased levels of cortisol result in a number of undesirable symptoms such as weight gain, mood swings, increased anxiety and insomnia. Research tells us that CBD affects the sleep cycle as well.  
  • alcoholic extract of Passiflora - herb used for a long time in the fight against insomnia, depression and neurosis. - Pasiflora provides help in falling asleep and uninterrupted night rest. In addition, it soothes nervous conditions and relieves hyperactivity, is helpful in the treatment of anxiety and depression. 
  • therapeutic dose of melatonin - 20 mg in each bottle -Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the endocrine gland - the pineal gland, responsible for falling asleep and regulating the circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, excessive stress, overwork and white light emitted by electronic devices disrupt the production of this hormone. Melatonin contained in our product allows you to restore the balance of the biological clock and helps you fall asleep.  
 It is a product intended for people struggling with insomnia and people who have trouble falling asleep. In this line, CBD also comes from an alcoholic extract of female hemp flower extract with the best cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The extracts are standardized for the content of CBD 7% and THC less than 0.2%.
The Premicanna brand is a young brand created by enthusiasts with many years of experience in working with cannabis.
Premicanna brand oil was made in negative temperatures, using the safe alcohol cryoextraction method, which guarantees the extraction of a wide, diverse profile of phytonutrients found in the plant, which has a decisive impact on the therapeutic properties of the oil.
Thanks to advanced technological processes, we can guarantee the pharmaceutical quality of the final product.
The oils contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids (including acidic forms), terpenes, and all other valuable phytonutrients found in the plant, while maintaining high stability and bioavailability.
Thanks to the cooperation with experts from the clinic in Israel, we choose only those varieties of cannabis that have proven themselves in medical prophylaxis and combine them according to the recipes of our more experienced colleagues.
That is why the inflorescences used for extraction come mainly from foreign indoor crops and from Polish greenhaus plantations. The above-mentioned plantations are sown from certified seeds that meet the highest European and world requirements.
As shown by numerous studies and the experience of doctors, oils from alcohol extraction have better bioavailability and are richer in valuable compounds, which results in a stronger medical effect.

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