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LASER LITE disposable earplugs are designed for workers who need to dampen loud noises and require the best protection and comfort available. Low-pressure polyurethane foam gently expands inside the ear canal, adapting to almost any user, ensuring long-lasting wearing comfort. The profiled T-shape ensures easy insertion of the earbuds and prevents the earplugs from falling out. Simple and quick control of the correct use of plugs by employees thanks to easily noticeable, bright colors. After insertion, the insert adjusts its shape to the ear canal without unnecessary pressure.

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LASER LITE 3301105 HONEYWELL earplugs complies with EN 352-2 (Hearing protectors - General requirements - Part 2: Earplugs). Hearing loss 
caused by noise progresses gradually, so it is important to provide yourself and your employees with adequate protection when exposed to noise. Made of yellow and pink
T-shaped polyurethane foam for easy insertion and removal. Correctly inserting the earplugs involves reaching over your head with your free hand, pulling your ear up
and inserting the earplug deep into your ear canal. Hold it for 30-40 seconds until the plug fully relaxes in the ear canal. When properly fitted, the ends of the earplugs
should not be visible to a person looking at the earplug wearer from the front. LASER LITE earplugs are resistant to falling out of the ear canal, lower expansion pressure
ensures long-term comfort. Smooth, dirt-resistant coating prevents dirt from accumulating on the footbed. Each person has a different ear canal, so it is very important to
properly adjust the size of the plug, an incorrectly selected size will cause discomfort when wearing and not full-fledged hearing protection.


- LASER LITE 3301105 HONEYWELL plugs
- EN 352-2 (Hearing protectors - General requirements - Part 2: Earplugs)
- Polyurethane / yellow-pink foam
- The T-shaped shape makes it easy to insert and remove
- Resistance to falling out of the ear canal
- Smooth coating prevents dirt build-up


SNR- simplified noise reduction index: 35 dB
H- High frequency attenuation: 34 dB
M- Mid-frequency attenuation: 32 dB
L-Low frequency attenuation: 31 dB

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