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  • Hemp oil for dogs and cats Premicanna 5% + salmon

Premicanna - an expert in the field of hemp extracts has developed a high-quality CBD product for the health of our pets. Animals, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system. It is a system discovered by scientists at the Hebrew University in the 1990s. This system consists of CB1 and CB2 receptors located in the brain and nervous tissue (CB1) and in the lymphatic system and all CB2 organs). These receptors enable smooth communication and coordination between cells and different organs, they perform different tasks in each tissue and naturally help the body achieve homeostasis, in which the body starts the processes of self-healing and healing.

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Each bottle contains: - Hemp flower extract from foreign crops indoors with a CBD concentration of 5% - Salmon oil The extracts are standardized for the content of CBD 5% and THC less than 0.2%. 200 drops = 10 ml 1 drop contains: - 2.5 mg of CBD Ingredient information: CBD (Cannabidiol) regulates the endocannabinoid system found in dogs, cats and all other vertebrates. It reduces the animal's hyperactivity, which is often problematic 
when training it. At the same time, CBD does not dazzle, making the animal relaxed, but fully conscious, calm and comfortable. Cannabidiol is famous for its extremely versatile action. Therefore, it supports the proper functioning of the immune and blood systems of animals. Daily supplementation
allows them to maintain their excellent physical and mental condition. CBD will take care of healthy joints, muscles and bones. It will also have a positive effect on eyesight,
the appearance of the skin and hair.

Interesting facts The elephant from the Warsaw Zoo receives CBD oil! “A lot of factors can make an elephant not itself. He is more stressed, it involves behavior that is undesirable. " - explains Dr. Agnieszka Senskowska, a veterinarian from
the Warsaw Zoo - "We would like to compensate for this. Therefore, we would like to check how CBD oils work on elephants. This will be combined with stress research.
We will collect blood and faeces from elephants. The idea is to find a natural substance that will allow the animal to calm down in stressful situations. " In one of the African safari parks, CBD oil has started to be given to exotic animals suffering from various ailments. Positive changes were observed in animals. The tiger's appetite returned, he began to eat and gain weight. His well-being has also improved. The caregiver hopes that
CBD will help eliminate the tumor completely. There has been a huge change in the goat. The frequency of seizures has significantly decreased. Their number decreased
by 95%. A lioness suffering from separation anxiety felt confident only in the presence of a tiger. Without her, she became restless. CBD oil helped fight anxiety, making the animal much calmer. A reduction in tumor volume was noted in the python after administration
of the preparation. The caretaker of the snake admits that if CBD oil had not been introduced to treat the pet, he would most likely be dead now. The python is active and
his appetite is good. Source: Why is there no recommended serving size or dosage on our products? Currently, Polish law does not allow the labeling of CBD oils with dietary supplements. Producers who mark their products in this way run the risk of an administrative
penalty from the Sanepid. Accordingly, the recommended dose indication is reserved for dietary supplements and medications. As we indicated above, CBD oil does not have this status and therefore
you will not find such indications on our products.



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