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  • HL400-F dispenser with BILSOM 303L inserts - 400 pairs

The HL-400 F dispenser is designed to distribute Howard Leight by Honeywell disposable earplugs. The dispenser ensures easy distribution of the earplugs in each workplace and can be hung on the wall or placed on the counter. The dispenser is equipped with a container with 400 pairs of Howard Leight BILSOM 303L inserts.

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easy-to-use earplug dispenser. It is equipped with a special knob for dispensing and a prevention tray the insoles falling to the ground.
The dispenser holds 400 pairs of disposable earplugs, such as: Bilsom 303, MAX, MULTI MAX, MAX LITE,
LASER LITE, Plastic dispenser mounted to the wall or to be placed on the table top is a FirmFit. The empty dispenser can be refilled by
covering the canister with 2 * 200 pairs or a filled canister.

Features / Properties

- Reinforced housing construction made of resistant polycarbonate for harsh industrial conditions.
- Aesthetic and durable with a simple and reliable structure.
- Dispenser capacity - about 400 pairs of caps.
- Mounted on a table top.
- Easy and hygienic to apply - by turning the feeder, the caps fall out of the container.
- The dispenser container is easy to refill - refills are available in bags of 200 pairs.

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