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  • Colloidal Gold "AU" System EGP 100 ml 50 ppm

Au - Colloidal Gold The EGP System is a nanocolloidal solution of very small gold plates suspended in spectrally pure, demineralized water. Volume: 100 ml. Concentration: 50 PPM

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Au - Colloidal Gold The EGP System is a nanocolloidal solution of very small gold plates suspended in spectrally pure, demineralized water.



The precious metal colloids of the EGP® SYSTEM meet the highest world standards in terms of effectiveness and physicochemical properties


A significant part of the precious metal colloids available on the market is produced by a chemical method, therefore they are referred to as ionic colloids. Such preparations often contain chemical impurities. Ionic particles easily enter into chemical reactions (they do not contain one electron, and therefore easily combine with other compounds). As a result, their action in the body is short-lived, quickly transforming into ineffective compounds or creating poisonous substances.


Consuming this type of colloid can lead to poisoning. Silver ionic colloids can build up in the body and cause silvery. Ionic particles also react with light. Under the influence of its action, the ionic colloid quickly turns darker. Therefore, the ionic colloids must be stored in dark bottles. There are also preparations in which the nanoparticles have a spherical (or spherical) structure. The particles in this form do not have as large an active surface as in the case of planar nanoparticles, nor as much adherence to surfaces. Platelet nanoparticles are much lighter in weight compared to spherical particles, which are additionally filled with element atoms inside. In addition, spherical nanoparticles are often heterogeneous in diameter and structure, and are easily agglomerated - aggregating into clusters. They also do not have a crystal structure.


We warn against using colloids of dubious quality.


The healing properties of gold were already known in Sumer, ancient Egypt, Persia, Arabia, China and India. In China, meals were cooked along with a gold coin to replenish the gold in the body. Even then, gold was considered a specific that had miraculous properties to restore health and youth.


Metallotherapy has found application in the treatment of venereal diseases, brain cancer and wound infections. Since the 20th century, colloidal gold has been used to treat leukemia and certain cancers. It has been found that it has a beneficial effect on balancing the heart rhythm and supports blood circulation. It acts as a catalyst in the formation of many hormones and enzymes. Gold fights free radicals responsible for the aging process of the skin. Through the synthesis of collagen and elastin, it has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of connective tissue. It has biostimulating properties, accelerates the migration of active ingredients.



    It works:

        regenerating and caring,


    Reduces skin discoloration and age spots,

    It is used in acne (especially in combination with silver and colloidal platinum),

    Reduces swelling at eruptions,

    Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands,

    Recommended as an addition to professional cosmetic treatments and body massage,

    Helps to moisturize dry, prone to irritation and allergic skin,

    Improves the appearance of the complexion:


        increases skin firmness and elasticity,

        smoothes existing wrinkles,

        prevents the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin,

        reduces puffiness on the face and under the eyes,

        makes the skin satin smooth,

        improves skin vitality, brightens, nourishes and oxygenates the skin,

    It has regenerative properties:



        burns, including solar burns,

    Accelerates the elimination of bruises, contusions and swelling after blows,

    It is helpful for:

        varicose veins,



    Stimulates the process of cleansing the body through the skin,

    Supports the natural defenses and vitality of the skin.


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