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  • Au - Non-ion gold for birds (pigeons, canaries)


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Au Gold non-ionized, colloidal Volume: 100 ml, Concentration: 50 PPM



The precious metal colloids of the EGP® SYSTEM meet the highest world standards in terms of effectiveness and physicochemical properties


A significant part of the precious metal colloids available on the market is produced by a chemical method, therefore they are referred to as ionic colloids. Such preparations often contain chemical impurities. Ionic particles easily enter into chemical reactions (they do not contain one electron, and therefore easily combine with other compounds). As a result, their action in the body is short-lived, quickly transforming into ineffective compounds or creating poisonous substances.


Consuming this type of colloid can lead to poisoning. Silver ionic colloids can build up in the body and cause silvery. Ionic particles also react with light. Under the influence of its action, the ionic colloid quickly turns darker. Therefore, the ionic colloids must be stored in dark bottles. There are also preparations in which the nanoparticles have a spherical (or spherical) structure. The particles in this form do not have as large an active surface as in the case of planar nanoparticles, nor as much adherence to surfaces. Platelet nanoparticles are much lighter in weight compared to spherical particles, which are additionally filled with element atoms inside. In addition, spherical nanoparticles are often heterogeneous in diameter and structure, and are easily agglomerated - aggregating into clusters. They also do not have a crystal structure.


We warn against using colloids of dubious quality.


  • has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect,
  • Has a caring and regenerating effect,
  • Supports the treatment of chronic allergic diseases,
  • Helpful in the treatment of rash,
  • Facilitates the healing of wounds and scars and is effective in the treatment of burns,
  • Fights eye inflammation,
  • Reduces muscle and joint pain,
  • Helpful in the treatment of liver inflammation,
  • Helpful in the treatment of genital infections,
  • Helpful in the treatment of diabetes,
  • Helpful in the treatment of a runny nose,
  • Strengthens the circulatory system,
  • Recommended as an addition to professional beauty treatments,
  • Supports the body's natural defenses and vitality.


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