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  • Animal odor neutralizer

Odor neutralizer designed to remove all organic odors, including animal odors.

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It neutralizes and removes the unpleasant smell of urine from the places where our pet has left it. The product is ecological, natural and safe for animals. After spraying, it works immediately, eliminates unpleasant odors, leaves a pleasant and delicate smell. It is very efficient. A small 100 ml bottle will last a very, very long time. Neutralizes unpleasant odors from: 
  • carpets,
  • floors,
  • clothing,
  • footwear, 
  • car (car upholstery etc.)
  • lairs,
  • bud, 
  • pens, 
  • animal cages, 
  • furniture, 
  • and others CAUTION. The product is very helpful for learning pissing animals in places not intended for this. Effectively eliminates animal odors. It inhibits the processes of anaerobic decomposition of organic substances, reducing the release of fragrances. Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, Silver, Copper (nano), Linolene, Neutralise Complex.

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